A Better Life is Always a Choice Away

Update: Jeff Johnson Released From Prison!!!!
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 Hello Friends

Many of you are aware that my son, Jeff Johnson has been in prison forJeff Johnson almost 24 yrs. now for a crime he didn’t commit.  His co-defendant sent Jeff a letter in December of 2006, apologizing for getting him involved as Jeff barely knew him and certainly had no idea what the co-defendant had in mind.  If you would, please log into the site shown below and it will take you to our Petition to send on to the Governor asking for clemency.  The Arapahoe County District Attorney, George Brauchler was running for Governor and now I understand he has withdrawn that and is going for Attorney General instead. I have no problem with him being tough on crime but I have a real problem when he refuses to even look over the new evidence presented to him.  It is very obvious he understands there are more votes on the side of the victim and I can appreciate that but his job should be carry out “Justice” regardless of  which side it helps or hinders.  Our goal is to reach 200,000 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition if you go to the site shown below. Please sign and Share it if you can, it will be more than greatly appreciated.  You can also visit my Facebook site which is simply John Johnson or Jeff’s which is Support for Jeff Johnson to read some of his writings and accomplishments while in prison and what he wants to accomplish if and when he gets released.

Jeff Johnson's Petition

Click here to watch a recent video interview in four parts with Jeff Johnson

You can also view a letter written to Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper requesting clemency for Jeff.

John (JJ) Johnson

Please check out this link pertaining to Jeff's case
A Story About Life - by Hannah Garcia - 2/25/15

Welcome to Forgotten Justice. We are a multi-dimensional company that will offer a wide variety of services to the prison population, as well as the free world. We focus a lot of our efforts behind prison walls where we will provide tools for inmates to utilize on their path to rehabilitation.

A lot of these inmates will be rejoining us back in society. We’d like to help instill some better values to morals in them before they make that exodus. We are willing to do whatever we can to help these men and women turn their lives around. By providing them with a plethora of services, we want them to spend their time productively and stop the poor decision making. Here are some of the services we’ll offer.

* First: Pen-Pal ad, giving people an opportunity to meet new and interesting people.

* Second: Legal ad. This is for everyone seeking legal assistance. Lawyers needing pro bono work could pick cases off of our site. College law classes could find cases on our site for the students to use and gain experience.

* Third: Sales ad. This is a great opportunity for people to showcase their talents. Helping them to sell their artwork, jewelry, leather work, woodwork, mirrors, paintings, etc. This service will allow people a positive outlet as they expand and explore their creative sides.

* Fourth: Open forum newsletter. We encourage everyone to participate and share their questions, thoughts or opinions. We want to discuss every aspect of prison life, laws, regulations, visits, life before, during and after prison, job opportunities, or anything else people wish to discuss in a positive manner. Jeff Johnson, our featured inmate, has agreed to help us answer whatever questions you may have. A classified ad section will also accompany our newsletter.

Forgotten Justice would like to thank you and invite you to become a part of the Forgotten Justice family. We will need help bringing these services to life and much more. We are in need of volunteers to help with typing, mailing out flyers, e-mailing media agencies and directing them to our site, as well as financial donations. Together we can help bring change and make a difference. This issue affects us all and we all need to try to do our part to help fix that which is broken. We need to reach out to those who are in prison, as well as those who are currently on the streets making choices that could lead them to prison. We desperately need help passing the Forgotten Justice motto around – “A better life is always a choice away.”