Forgotten Justice - Jeff Johnson

To: The Governor, Representatives, DA, Attorney General and Senators of Colorado:
We the people stand behind Jeffrey Stewart Johnson, 31 years of age on December 26th, of 2007. He has been in prison since he was 17 years old, a total of 14 years of incarceration in March of 2008 for a murder he did not commit.
Jeff is one of 45 juveniles in the state of Colorado who have been tried and convicted as an adult and given "Life without Parole", in Jeff's case, plus an additional 32 years. Jeff, a juvenile, was convicted without DNA, without blood stains on his clothing, no weapon, any fingerprints or eye-witnesses to the crime against him.
Due to the mental makeup and obvious frustration and fear of the entire Denver community regarding the youth and crime the summer before and our families' lack of funds, Jeff's side of the story has never before been heard or shared…
We all remember how awkward it could be just being a teen. Do you remember that drive for independence, wanting friends, wanting to have fun and just wanting to fit in with the "supposed" cool guys, to feel important? In Jeff's case, growing up with divorced parents, loving them both but constantly being pulled in both directions, feeling lost, clumsy, awkward, skinny, misunderstood and uncomfortable with him self, he quite simply, just wanted to belong and be accepted. When we are young we make a lot of mistakes, we fall many times before we walk. Unfortunately, it is part of growing up.
Now imagine you're just living your everyday life as a teenager does. You're hanging out with a group of teens when one of the "supposed" cool guys you had just met days before asks you to go with him, like a trip to the store. You think "yeah", that would be cool, but then something unimaginable happens.
You try to help, you are in shock, scared, your mind is reeling out of control and you can't think, you just respond to the commands of the person you are with. Fear and shock of events can make people run, hide, or just freeze. Unfortunately, many times, especially as teenagers, the wrong decisions are made, simply because young minds are not yet equipped to deal with simple problems much less, life and death situations.
We, as Jeff's family encourage you to read the court transcripts. It is our belief the District Attorney, in statements to the jury; mislead the jury in more than one instance. If you read the transcripts it will become evident to you as it did to us that there were several problem areas that Jeff's defense attorney should have at the very least "Objected" to. We felt the defense attorney failed to properly cross examine the states witnesses and it seemed very strange there was "NOT ONE" witness called in Jeff's defense.
To those whom this petition is directed, WE ASK THAT you show compassion for Jeffrey for it was we the adults, who failed him, we the adults who created him. Light a candle for Jeffrey every night...

Please don't take our word for it. We encourage you to research our claims for yourself. Please read Jeff's biography and then look at the documents pertaining to his case, conviction, sentencing and appeals.

Thank you for listening.


The Johnson Family

If you would like to contact Jeff Johnson via US Mail, here's his address:

Jeff Johnson, #86873
P.O. Box 999
Canon City, CO, 81215

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